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Brief history about our service and technical manager, Volker Hunger.
Volker is from Germany, but has lived in Norway since 1998. He has a long history in Electrocompaniet, more the 12 years. His interest in HiFi started at a very early age, as he had the good fortune of having a mother who worked in a recording studio. He loves music! In the past he has worked for Celestion and KEF in Germany. He works with sale, production, development and support. He originally was educated in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, and later also studied electronics at Heinrich Piest Institut in Germany. He was heavily involved in the development of our famous products EMC1 and the ECD1


Brief history about analouge specialist Geir Svihus
Geir is a keen electronics enthusiast, extremely interested in Hi-Fi and electronic ever since he was a little boy. Even before going to the university, he designed both amplifiers and loudspeakers. He graduated from the best university in Norway, as a specialist in the field of analogue electronics. He works closely together with Terje Sandstrøm in the development of new designs, building on and refining the basic, successful principles used by Electrocompaniet in the past.
Brief history about our software manager, David Brown
David is from Scotland and has been a programmer since his early childhood, and has always been interested in electronics. Following university, where he studied mathematics and theoretical computing, he has been working at WestControl for over ten years. He does programming and digital design, covering everything from the smallest microcontrollers to server systems, communications, digital signal processing, and basically all things digital.



Production manager - Bjørn Kindingstad



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Sales / Marketing Director - Lasse Danielsen

Lasse has more than 20 years’ experience in international sales and business development, primarily in the IT segment of the Oil&Gas industry, with several significant documented successes on a local and global level.

As an avid amateur musician, his passion has always been music. In his younger years, he worked in a professional recording studio and as a live sound engineer for several local well know bands, both locally and on tours.

As such, Lasse also feels a close relation to the Electrocompaniet slogan, “Closing the gap to the master”, and especially making sure the drums sound good.