Open positions At Electrocompaniet / Kopera

Electrocompaniet is a famous brand which for 43 years has delivered High-End audio systems worldwide. Over the past year we have developed a number of technology platforms for High End  video systems.


The development team at Electrocompaniet works in close cooperation with Kopera development and Westcontrol. Together we form a powerful group of engineers and designers. This group of highly educated engineers covers most disciplines of modern analogue and digital electronics, including design, hardware and software. The combined team is working on a variety of projects with different levels of complexity involving a wide range of MCUs, DSPs, ADCs/DACs, analogue circuits, RF-electronics and the wide range of products at Electrocompaniet. All this comes with a growing need of both adaptable and specialized software in embedded systems, signal processing, user-interface design/development, and systems and networking. This includes specializations in real-time systems, linux, android, audio/video processing in a variety of programming anguages.


Økonomi- og administrasjonsleder

Vi søker deg som har økonomisk bakgrunn til en spennende stilling ved Electrocompaniet. Som økonomi og administrasjonsleder for hele konsernets virksomhet vil du ha ansvaret for føring av regnskap og økonomirapportering her i Norge, samt oppfølging av våre datterselskaper i utland. Videre vil du gjennom tett samarbeid med drift og produksjonssjef utarbeide gode rutiner for å samle korrekt kostnads bilde i alle ledd for Innkjøp, produksjon og salg.


Arbeidssted: Breivikveien 7, 4120 Tau (Rogaland)


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Senior Software Engineer

A unique opportunity to work on our exciting next generation technology and at the same time experience the fabulous fjords and mountains on our doorstep!


Workplace: Norway, Tau (Rogaland) 


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We are located in Tau (Norway), Silicon Valley (US) and Pune (India).

Please refer to the following pages for more information:





 The main offices with factory are located in Tau, just outside Stavanger, and we count around 145 employees, organized in development, management and production. We have 13 nationalities represented, from countries around the entire world. English and Norwegian are used as the main languages, and English is the main language for comunication between departments. Norwegian language is not required. The main office, R&D department and factory is surrounded of beautiful clean nature close to the sea and a lot of big mountains is typical for this area. Traveling time to Stavanger, Norway's most international town is approximately 35 minutes with ferry.  A tunnel from Tau to Stavanger is in progress. Read more



The US Office
Is located in California, Silicon Valley, and has specialities as audio and video signal handling, Linux programming, embedded systems, HDMI systems and more.  Read more



The Indian office
Is located in Pune, close to the west coast. This department does mainly embedded software based on Linux, in addition to audio and video systems, home automation and security, client server technologies, user interfaces, device drivers and low-level programing. Read more


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