Vårt nye Studio 1 er designet og konstruert med ett mål for øye;
å lage et troverdig lytterom i topp klasse.

Flytende gulv, lyddempede vinduer, bassfeller foran med 60grader vinkling og bassfeller bak samt et perfekt forhold mellom romstørrelse og høytalere, gjør dette rommet til et av de beste lytte-rommene tilgjengelig i Norge i dag. I Studio 1 gjør vi CD-Mastering og E-Mastering. For å forme lyden bruker vi analogt og digitalt utstyr i topp klasse. Hjertet i systemet er et Pyramix Mastering System, samt at vi også har mulighet til å jobbe på Sadie, ProTools og Logic Pro.




monoMono Music Studio

is Scandinavia's finest mixing facility. The studio is conveniently located, on the island Skeppsholmen, right in the heart of Stockholm. Our offices, built into an old ship storage building from the late 19th century include control room, studio, office, kitchen and machine room.









bruceBruce Swedien

The Studio Engineering legend          
From his book Make Mine Music
"A short Ever since he was given a disc recorder by his father at the tender age of ten, Bruce Swedien has known what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. The list of people that he has worked with is too long to list, but when one mentions musicians like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Sarah Vaughan, Eddie Harris, Quincy Jones, Jennifer Lopez, and even Michael Jackson in his Thriller days, a great deal is immediately understood. "

Engineering legend Bruce Swedien has a new book available: Make Mine Music

Bruce and Electrocompaniet
Early one morning, my good friend Trond Braaten called me from Fredrickstad, Norway and said that in a week he would be coming to the USA and he was going to hand carry on the plane, a very heavy Norwegian made power amplifier that was going to change my life! I thought to myself, “Yeah, sure.” Up to that point in time, all I knew about Norway could be summed up in four words! “Beautiful Boats, and SALMON!”
I Iearned something. Don’t ever underestimate the Norwegians! That heavy box contained a power amplifier that did change my life! I stared at the lettering on the box, and thought. “Electrocompaniet, Holy Cow! What a name! Almost impossible to pronounce.”  We hooked up the amplifier to my speakers. Great sound! Trond was right, my studio life has not been the same since! Wonderfully musical sounding amplifiers! Those amplifiers go with me to every recording project.

Bruce Swedien
ASC Recording Studio


ogandhoO Ganho do Som

is an innovative Studio concept that is unique in Portugal and one of the few of its kind in the whole world.It's brings together three sound areas that would normally be treated separately (Sound design and film mixing;music mixing and mastering), all of witch can be done in stereo or multichannel surround.Based around six B&W 801 Nautilus (three of them from the Diamond series), powered by six Electrocompaniet Nemo amplifiers, this is a state-of-the-art studio considered by many to have the best sound one ever heard. Lengedary and Emmy award winner ex-Decca chief-engineer, James Lock, said about it: " I have never heard my recordings like this!" Nemo amplifiers were our choice because of their ultra-natural and clean, yet powerfull, sound.Thank you all guys at Electrocompaniet! Keep up with the good work.