Service i Norge

Service i Norge


Important message:

Please do not send any service to the factory without requesting a support case number on our support system .

Please register first with name, telephone number, product, serial number, and functional email address.

Please send us your message and let us know about the problem you experience with your product.

We will inform you about your case number and how to proceed with your service case.

Now you can send your product for service.


For garantiservice og oppgraderinger i Norge – kontakt:

Electrocompaniet AS

Breivikveien 7

4120 Tau

support center


For service – kontakt:

Service Kompaniet AS

Stålfjæra 26

0975 Oslo

Tel: 21 03 21 30

Åpningstider: Man-Fredag :08:00-16:00, Lørdag: Stengt