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Living In Norway (Western part)

Norway is a beautiful, nice, stable and safe spot in a world full of changes.  Low pollution, fresh clean water and a very good health care, education, child care, workplace policies, retirement, etc. has listed Norway as one of the best place to live in a number of UN reports.
If you also like the outdoors and nature, fishing, hiking, skiing, camping (even in winter), you'll like this area of Norway. This is a quite mild part of Norway, with a limited number of days below zero (freezing point) in wintertime. More likely It will be rainy part of the year, but rainy weather in Norway doesn't necessarily mean "bad" weather. There is a saying, "no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."


The local area

The factory is located at Tau, and the area is called Ryfylke. This area is recognized with a lot of mountains, fjords and rivers. Ryfylke is an invitation to live your dreams and allow the landscape to unfold.


Information from the local government: http://www.strand.kommune.no/



The climate 

Stavanger, and Tau, are both blessed and cursed by the warmth of the Gulf Stream. Without the Gulf Stream, the climate here would be very, very cold. This phenomenon provides both warmth, in the form of mild winters, and wet spells. As a confirmation of this, we have the world's northernmost palmtree island located just minutes from the factory. 

The south west cost of Norway has a weather quite like North England, Scotland and the Netherlands, other countries that get the heat, (and rain) from the Gulf Stream.


We can offer:

• A challenging and enjoyable job in a creative work environment.

• Responsibility for your own project

• Payment according to qualifications.

• Help finding a place to live, and the Visa process if needed